Alvaro Blanquicett | Frontend/ReactJS Developer

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Welcome to my portfolio webpage! Here you will find links to my latest projects, some highlights of my background and experience as well as general contact info.

Thank you for taking the time, I hope you like it!

- Al

About me

My name is Alvaro Blanquicett, from Colombia but currently based in Toronto, Canada. I am a certified Web Developer and Bachelor's in Business Administration. My primary focus lies in developing scalable web applications and working seamlessly across the entire full stack, with a strong emphasis on frontend using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but also freameworks like ReactJS, I also have experience working with NodeJS, APIs, mySQL databases and integration from Firebase. General knowledge of agile methodologies such as Scrum.

I am enthusiastic about applying my knowledge to projects that drive impactful outcomes. I am committed to continuous growth, constantly seeking opportunities to enhance my skills while delivering optimal solutions within the workplace.




Landing Page Example

Home page health organization.


Preview Product

Preview of online product card.


NFT Card

Example of a NFT card.


Interactive Rating

Component for surveys and ratings in general.